Meeting Talks


Meeting talks

Beeskow, Germany 12 Oct 2005


09:00 Introduction and Overview of Cloudnet Anthony Illingworth [PPT]

Cloud observing stations

09:20 Instrumentation at the three original sites Charles Wrench [PPT]

09:30 Radar and lidar calibration Ewan O'Connor [PPT]

Retrieval Algorithms

09:40 Target categorisation Robin Hogan [PPT]

10:00 Radar/lidar synergy to retrieve liquid water content Herman Russchenberg [PPT]

10:15 Liquid Water Path from radiometer and lidar Anthony Illingworth [PPT]

10:30 Liquid water content and drizzle in stratocumulus Ewan O'Connor [PPT]

11:00 Ice water content from reflectivity and temperature Robin Hogan [PPT]

11:15 Retrieving ice cloud properties from Doppler observations Alain Protat [PPT]

11:30 Overview of radar-lidar techniques for ice cloud retrievals David Donovan [PPT]

11:45 Lidar techniques to retrieve cloud properties Martial Haeffelin [PPT]

12:00 Retrieving turbulence parameters from cloud radar Anthony Illingworth [PPT]

Comparison of observations with operational models

13:30 Evaluation statistics of cloud cover and water content Robin Hogan [PPT]

13:50 Frequency of occurrence and cloud fraction Martial Haeffelin [PPT]

13:10 Microphysical and radiative cloud properties Alain Protat [PPT]

14:30 Testing a new ice parameterisation scheme Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff [PPT]

14:50 Cloud fraction and ice water content in various weather regimes Malcolm Brooks [PPT]

15:10 Use of regimes for diagnosis of climate model performance Damian Wilson [PPT]

16:00 A modellers perspective Adrian Tomkins [PPT]

General discussion and future prospects

16:30 Recommended specification of a Cloud Observing Station Anthony Illingworth [PPT]

Paris (Observatoire de Paris) 4-5 April 2005

Data gathering and processing.

11:00 2.1 Status of Chilbolton observations. Charles Wrench [PPT]

11:10 2.2 Status of SIRTA observations, products and data-base. Report on new lidar products and ground radiative flux measurements. Martial Haeffelin [PPT]

11:20 2.4 Status of TARA netCDF data. Oleg Krasnov [PPT]

Retrieval algorithms.

11:30 3.1 Update on using ceilometer to constrain radiometer lwp retrievals. Nicolas Gaussiat [PPT]

11:40 3.2 Lidar only algorithms (STRAT) for phase and optical depth. Y Morille [PPT]

12:00 3.3 Comparing lidar/radar extinction inversions using Raman lidar. Dave Donovan [PPT]

12:20 3.4 Deriving lidar ice cloud extinction versus iwc. Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff [PPT]

13:40 3.5 RadON method and associated error analysis. Julien Delanoe [PPT]

14:00 3.6 Evaluation of IWC-Z and IWC-Z-T analyses. Alain Protat [PPT]

14:40 3.8 Update on radar-lidar algorithm. Dominique Bouniol [PDF]

Specification and instruments for the recommended Cloud Observing Station.

15:30 4.1 FM-CW radar performance and cost. Charles Wrench [PPT]

16:30 4.3 Low cost lidar systems. Jacques Pelon [PDF]

16:50 4.4 Mini-lidar performance. Pierre Flamant [PPT]

Comparison with models.

09:00 5.1 Radar lidar syerngies and discrepancies with cloud-mask. Martial Haeffelin [PPT]

09:40 5.3 Evaluation of the bias in the SIRTA observations from models. Alain Protat [PPT]

10:00 5.4 Evaluation of operation models from radar/lidar combinations. Dominique Bouniol [PDF]

10:20 5.5 Statisics of lwc in boundary layer clouds. Ewan O'Connor [PPT]

10:40 5.6 Liquid water path variabilities. Damian Wilson [PPT]

11:40 5.8 Filtering of IWC for rain and different regimes. Malcolm Brooks [PPT]

12:00 5.9 Initial results of a new ice particle size parameterisation in RACMO. Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff [PPT]

Update on model developments.

14:00 6.2 Met Office. Damian Wilson [PPT]

14:10 6.3 Meteo France. Jean-Marcel Piriou [PPT]

14:20 6.5 SMHI RCA. Ulrika Willen [PPT]

Delft (TUDelft) 18-19 October 2004


10:15 1.3 Categorisation code status. Level 3 products Robin Hogan [PPT]

Data gathering and processing.

11:00 2.1 Status of Chilbolton observations.Charles Wrench [PPT]

11:20 2.2 Status of SIRTA observations, products and data-base. Report on new lidar products and ground radiative flux measurements. Martial Haeffelin [PPT]

11:50 2.4 Status of TARA netCDF data. Oleg Krasnov [PPT]

Retrieval algorithms.

13:30 3.1 Use of ceilometer to constrain radiometer lwp retrievals. Nicolas Gaussiat [PPT]

13:50 3.2 Drakkar lwp/wvp retrievals. Anne Armstrong [PPT]

14:40 3.3 Radar-lidar retrievals of water cloud parameters. Oleg Krasnov [PPT]

15:00 3.4 Latest Z-IWC-T relationships from aircraft analysis. Robin Hogan [PPT]

15:20 3.5 Evaluation of Z-IWC and IWC-Z-T using large in-situ database Alain Protat [PPT]

15:40 3.6 Retrieval of ice cloud properties from Doppler cloud radar measurementsJulien Delanoe [PPT]

16:30 3.8 Status of radar/lidar retrievals - KNMI/IPSL (Action 8.4)Martial Haeffelin [PPT]

17:00 3.9 Comparing elastic backscatter lidar + radar extintion in cirrus clouds with Raman lidar. Dave Donovan [PPT]

Comparison with models.

09:20 4.1 Cloud fraction and IWC. - Malcolm Brooks [PPT]

10:00 4.4 Evaluation of cloudy boundary layer processes in models. Anne Mathieu [PPT]

10:20 4.5 Cloud overlap and RCA model comparisons. Ulrika Willen. [PPT]

Satellite Comparison.

11:15 5.1 Results from MSG data comparisons. Zadelhoff [PPT]

11:35 5.2 Validating satellite measured cloudtop temperature using Cloudnet data. Dave Donovan [PPT]

Exeter (MetOffice) 05-06 April 2004


17:20 Review of Model and Observations Data in NetCDF. O'Connor [PPT]

Data gathering and processing.

11:00 Chilbolton Site Instrument Availability. + Rain masking using 94 GHz radar. John Goddard [PPT]

11:20 SIRTA Instrumentation. Dominique Bouniol [PDF]

11:50 TARA data for Cloudnet Oleg Krasnov [PPT]

Instrumentation issues - calibration.

13:30 94 GHz near real-time calibration correction. Nicolas Gaussiat [PPT]

13:45 Radar inter-calibration. Dominique Bouniol [PDF]

14:10 Radar intercalibration with TARA Oleg Krasnov [PDF]

14:30 UV Raman lidar Chilbolton Observatory Review April 2003-2004. Judith Agnew [PPT]

15:30 Determining Liquid Water Path from radiometer measurements at Chilbolton. Charles Wrench [PPT]

15:45 LWP retrievals using model data. Nicolas Gaussiat [PPT]

Algorithm implementation and comparison with models - ice clouds.

16:15 Mean cloud properties at Cloudnet sites. Malcom Brooks [PPT]

17:00 Quantitative verification of cloud fraction forecasts. Robin Hogan [PPT]

17:20 Comparisons of the free IWC products. O'Connor [PDF]

Brief update on model developments.

12:15 Update on model development at Meteo France. Francois Bouyssel [PPT]

Toulouse (Meteo France) 20-21 October 2003

First results of algorithm implementation and comparison with models. Part I

11:00 Cloud fraction and IWC. M Brooks [PPT]

11:40 The retrieval of LWC in water clouds Herman Russchenberg [PPT]

Scientific Talks Interlude.

13:30 Simulation of the Aerosol Indirect Effects in GCMs. Jean-Louis Brenguier [PPT]

14:10 Facilities and observations at Lannemezan. Frank Roux

First results of algorithm implementation and comparison with models. part II.

14:30 Comparing Ice cloud microphysical properties using Cloudnet and ARM data Dave Donovan [PPT]

14:50 Cloudnet's progress at CETP Dominique Bouniol [PDF]

15:40 Dual wavelength retrieval of LWC and IWC at Chilbolton. Nicolas Gaussiat [PPT]

Overview of instrumentation, data gathering and calibration issues.

09:00 Rain Masking -A note on capacitative rain sensors . - John Goddard [PPT]

09:20 Cabauw -status of instruments Henk Klein-Baltink

09:30 BBC2 radar data. - Henk Klein-Baltink [PPT]

09:50 performance of TARA, sidelobes and cloud mask. - Russchenberg [PPT]

Instrumentation issues recommended observing systems.

10:00 Multiple Ceilometer Observations. Dave Donovan [PPT]

10:15 Analysis of Multiple Scattering Contribution in cirrus clouds from dual FOV Lidar Observations At Palaiseau J. Pelon [PDF]

11:20 Liquid water path from Chilbolton radiometers. J Goddard [PPT}

11:40 Retrieval of LWP during CWAVE using model climatology. N. Gaussiat.

Reading (University) 24-25 April 2003

Archiving Data

11-15 Common model format (Robin Hogan) [PPT]

12-00 Target Categorization and Data Quality Assessment: Level 1b product (Robin Hogan) [PPT]

Overview of status of sites

14-00 Cloudnet Status Chilbolton April 2003 (John Goddard) [PPT]

14-15 Overview of SIRTA instrumentation performance (Martial Haeffelin) [PPT]

14-30 Cloudnet Status Cabauw April 2003 (David Donovan) [PPT]

Instrument techniques

15-00 Micro-Pulse Lidar (MPL) Specifications and performance (Jacques Pelon) [PPT]

15-15 Multiple scattering and Cloudnet (David Donovan) [PPT]

15-30 Lidar/Infrared radiometer coupling for a better determination of particle size in ice cloud (Martial Haeffelin) [PPT]

16-00 Reflectivity of Stratocumulus (Ewan O'Connor) [PPT]

Brief update on model developpements

16-45 Changes to the ECMWF cloud scheme (Adrian Tompkins) [PPT]

17-00 Suggestions of regimes to use for analysis of Cloudnet data(mail from Damian Wilson) [DOC]

17-05 Meteo-France: update on model developments (mail from Jean-Marcel Piriou) [DOC]

Calibration issues

18-15 Calibration of the Galileo 94GHz radar two years of data (Nicolas Gaussiat) [PPT]

09-30 Lidar Calibration (Ewan O'Connor) [PPT]

09-45 Calibration of LIDAR measurements on cloud return (Jacques Pelon) [PPT]

10-00 LD40 ceilometer versus LNA LIDAR (Martial Haeffelin) [PPT]

10-15 Integrated lidar backscatter: Quantifying the occurrence of supercooled water and specular reflection(Robin Hogan) [PPT]

Analysis, retrieval algorithms and model comparison results

11-00 Model's evaluation(Malcolm Brooks) [PDF]

11-15 Update on CETP activities(Dominique Bouniol) [PDF]

11-30 The retrieval of the LWC in water clouds: the comparison of Frisch and Radar-Lidar techniques (Herman Russchenberg) [PPT]

11-45 Radar/lidar retrievals in ice clouds: Blind tests, radiative fluxes and a unified approach(Robin Hogan) [PPT]

Unscheduled talks

  • Rain Masking (Gauge Response Times)
  • (John Goddard) [PPT]

Utrecht (KNMI) 21-22 October 2002

  • Cabauw status of instruments
  • (Henk Klein Baltink) [PPT]

  • Usefulness of vertical velocity measurements in clouds with a 1290 MHz profiler
  • (Henk Klein Baltink) [PPT]

  • Retrievals of LWC using dual wavelength radar
  • (Nicolas Gaussiat) [PPT]

  • Water cloud retrievals
  • (Krasnov) [PPT]

  • Update II on model developments: Meteo-France NWP model / clouds and turbulence
  • (Jean Marcel Piriou) [PPT]

  • User requirements: how to improve NWP models from in-situ data?
  • (Jean Marcel Piriou) [PPT]

  • The Unified Model Cloud Scheme
  • (Damian Wilson) [PPT]

  • Update on the Metoffice forecast model
  • (Damian Wilson) [PPT]

  • The User-Requirement document
  • (Damian Wilson) [PPT]

Paris (LMD) 27-28 April 2002

  • Deriving true updraught velocity in clouds from radar
  • (Dominique Bouniol)[PDF]

  • Model developments at KNMI
  • (Dave Donovan) [PPT]

  • Analysis of ARM cirrus data and the incorporation of Doppler Fall-velocity measurements in lidar/radar retrievals
  • (Dave Donovan) [PPT]

  • Cloud liquid water and ice content by multi-wavelength radar
  • (Nicolas Gaussiat) [PPT]

  • Lidar Observations Constraint for Cirrus Modelisation in Large Eddy Simulations
  • (Odile Thouron) [PPT]

  • SIRTA : Site Instrumental de Recherche par TNilNidNitection AtmosphNirique
  • (Martial Haeffelin) [PPT]

  • Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research - CESAR -
  • (Henk Klein Baltink) [PPT]

  • Update on model developments: Meteo-France NWP model / clouds and turbulence
  • (Jean-Marcel Piriou)[PPT]

  • Dynamic properties of water and ice clouds using the CETP dual-beam cloud radar RASTA
  • (Alain Protat) [PPT]

  • Cloud microphysical and radiation properties using airborne cloud radar/lidar
  • (Claire Tinel) [PPT]

  • Met Office Unified Model and Cloudnet
  • (Damian Wilson) [PPT]

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