Cloudnet remote sensing network

Cloud observing stations

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Chilbolton, UK
51.1445 North 1.4370 West
Operated by CFARR, RAL

SIRTA, Palaiseau (Paris), France
48.713 North 2.204 East
Operated by CNRS/IPSL

Cabauw, The Netherlands
51.971 North 4.927 East
Operated by KNMI

Remote sensing instruments

3-GHz Doppler/polarisation radar (CAMRa)
94-GHz Doppler cloud radar (Galileo)
35-GHz cloud radar (Copernicus)
905-nm lidar ceilometer
355-nm UV lidar
22.2/28.8 GHz dual frequency radiometer
See radiometers' technical report.(printable version here)
View real-time images from these instruments: CFARR | University of Reading.
5-GHz Doppler Radar (Ronsard)
94-GHz Doppler Radar (Rasta)
1064/532 nm polarimetric lidar
10.6 Ám Scanning Coherent Doppler Lidar
24/37-GHz radiometer (DRAKKAR)
23.8/31.7-GHz radiometer (RESCOM)
See BSRN standard radiometer procedure report.
View real-time images from these instruments: at Sirta (Palaiseau).
3.3-GHz FM-CW radar TARA (TUDelft)
35-GHz cloud radar (KNMI)
1064/532-nm lidar(RIVM)
905 nm lidar ceilometer (KNMI)
22 channel MICCY (UBonn)
IR radiometer (KNMI)
See TARA processing technical report.
View real-time images from these instruments: at Cesar (Cabauw).

All sites are equipped with standard meteorological instruments, rain gauges and disdrometers.