Data access and conditions


This document describes the conditions of use of data produced by the Cloudnet project. Note that the data are available in preliminary and release versions. The conditions described in this document apply to both versions.

Typically access to preliminary datasets is restricted to Cloudnet project partners, and may only be extended to other groups in collaboration with a project partner. Such users are warned that the quality of preliminary data is less reliable than release versions and that the data may change with no warning before official release (e.g. to incorporate a new calibration figure or due to an improvement to an algorithm). Please consult the project partner responsible for producing that preliminary dataset.

Conditions of use

Additionally we request that you:

How to acknowledge Cloudnet in publications

Acknowledgements in publications should mention the Cloudnet project, the site/institute at which the raw data were taken, and the institute that produced the product that you used. The recommended format for the acknowledgement is:

We acknowledge the Cloudnet project (European Union contract EVK2-2000-00611) for providing the [DATASET], which was produced by [INSTITUTE] using measurements from [SITE].
Where [SITE] is one of the following (using the exact wording provided): Naturally the Level 1 model datasets do not need to acknowledge the site over which they were extracted.

The release datasets are listed on the Release Products page; you may phrase [DATASET] how you like. The [INSTITUTE] responsible for producing each dataset is listed for each product. If you have a query about a dataset you should generally contact the product maintainer rather than the algorithm designer in the first instance.