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Data Archive: Access via FTP

Unfortunately access to University of Reading FTP sites must be done via the university FTP proxy server, which means that (as far as I know) you must use a text-based FTP client. This is invariably present on Unix, and on Windows can be accessed from the DOS command prompt.

First connect to the University of Reading proxy server. You will need to contact to get a valid username and password for the proxy server.

ftp ftpproxy.reading.ac.uk
Once you have logged in, connect to the Radar Group FTP server:
user cnetuser@radar.met, or
user cloudnet@radar.met
The password you should have already - it is the same as the one to get into the Data Archive web pages. Before you can do anything else you must enter passive mode:
Note that if you have pftp, you may use it instead of ftp above and it will put you into passive mode automatically.

Now you should be able to upload and download files in the usual way. Some people have reported problems getting in like this to upload data. If you have difficulties, please email and we will figure out an alternative way to get your data on to the site.

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