Model variables

The following table lists the data that has been provided (or is wished to be provided) by the modelling groups involved in the project. Model data may be provided in ASCII or NetCDF.

height above ground (m)
pressure (Pa)
zonal wind component (m/s)
meridional wind component (m/s)
temperature (K)
specific humidity (kg/kg)
specific cloud liquid water content (kg/kg)
specific cloud ice content (kg/kg)
cloud fraction (percent/100.)
reative humidity (percent/100.)
omega=vertical velocity in pressure coordinates (Pa/s)
net shortwave flux (W/m2)
net longwave flux (W/m2)
sensible heat flux (W/m2)
turbulent moisture flux (kg/kg * kg/(m2*s))
convective rain flux (kg/(m2*s) = mm/s)
convective snow flux (mm/s)
large-scale rain flux (mm/s)
large-scale snow flux (mm/s)
turbulent momentum flux - u component (m/s * kg/(m2*s))
turbulent momentum flux - v component (m/s * kg/(m2*s))
Surface latent heat flux (W m-2)
Surface sensible heat flux (W m-2)
Surface solar radiation (W m-2)
Surface thermal radiation (W m-2)
Surface csky solar radiation (W m-2)
Surface csky thermal radiation (W m-2)
Large-scale rainfall (kg m-2)
Convective rainfall (kg m-2)
Large-scale snowfall (kg m-2)
Convective snowfall (kg m-2)
Total cloud cover
Large-scale precipitation fraction
Downward Solar (kg m-2)
Downward thermal radiation (W m-2)
Orography as a geopotential (m2 s-2)
Land fraction
Surface pressure (Pa)
2 m temperature (degrees C)
2 m specific humidity (g/kg)
10 m zonal wind (m/s)
10 m meridional wind (m/s)
Surface Roughness for momentum (m)
Surface Roughness for heat (m)
Surface albedo (%)
Boundary layer height (m)
Skin temperature (degrees C)