Cloudnet Data Archive

Accessing Cloudnet data

NEW! Cloudnet release products (level 1c and above) are now available for download from this site

Please read the following pages before accessing Cloudnet data:

Then email for the username and password.

Access for Cloudnet participants

Access to preliminary data is restricted to Cloudnet participants.

Data formats

Most Cloudnet data is provided in NetCDF format, conforming to the

Providers of data to Cloudnet should read this document, as well as specific pages to radar and lidar data. For details about individual datasets, see the individual product pages.

Some level 1a data from passive instruments (radiometers and rain gauges) are provided in NASA Ames format.

Model data are converted to a common NetCDF format (PDF documentation), but the original formats used by the model providers are described here:

Further details about the models may be found here: